Resources and links for presentations

From Lucy Bennett

From Nina Laurie
Laurie powerpoint

From Tanja Müller
1. BBC on Ethiopian famine 1984, Michael Buerk

2. Save the Children ‘Bob Marley’ appeal,
3. ONE INTERNATIONAL: Drought is an act of nature. Famine is manmade

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From Lisa Richey and Lene Bull
Richey & Christiansen slideshow

From Mark Wheeler:
Wheeler Celebrity Diplomacy 19th June 2012 presentation

Mark and others have papers in this issue of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

From Maral Yessayan
1) Youtube Exclusive: Send me your stereotypes:
2) Arab=Muslim=Terror=War?:
3) Queen Rania Spoofs Letterman’s Top 10 while accepting award at Youtube Live:
4) Experimenting with Youtube: Women and Polygamy (see the first 2 minutes)
5) A quick glance at QR’s official website