The Schedule of Papers, Presenters and Panels.

Session 1: Affect and Appeal (Chair Dan Brockington)
Cheryl Lousley: Sentimental Exchange: Band Aid, Live Aid and Affective Economies.
Lene Bull & Lisa Richey: Public Intellectuals and Affective Icons; Danish Afropolitans as Aid Celebrities
Tanja Müller: The long shadow of Band Aid humanitarianism: some thoughts on the dynamics between famine and celebrity.

Session 2: Diplomats and International Intermediaries (Chair Scott Prudham)
Mark Wheeler: Celebrity Diplomacy: A source of political legitimacy in an era of late modernity?
Asteris Huliaras & Nikolaos Tzifakis: ‘Parachute Celebrity Activism’; U2 and Angelina Jolie in Bosnia
Alexandra Budabin: Amplifying Causes: Celebrities as Norm Entrepreneurs in International Politics

Session 3: Representing Activists (Chair Tony Bebbington)
Maral Yessayan: Monarchical Media Spectacle
Lucy Bennett: ‘If We Stick Together We Can Do Anything’: Lady Gaga Fans in Philanthropic and Activist Engagement through Social Media.
Patrick McCurdy: Conceptualizing Celebrity Activists. Popular Culture and Media Representation
Nina Laurie: Unsung heroes? Anti trafficking advocacy and celebrity at the grassroots.

Session 4: Politics and Governance (Chair Uma Kothari)
Rob Fletcher: Blinded by the Stars; Celebrity, Fantasy, and Desire in Neoliberal Environmental Governance.
Signe Rousseau: Food Celebrities and The Politics of Unauthorized Nutritional Interventions.
Mike Goodman:  Celebritus Politicus, Neo-liberal Sustainabilities and the Terrains of Care

Session 5: Good Capitalism (Chair Scott Prudham)
Jo Littler: The New Victorians? Celebrity charity and the demise of the welfare state.
Japhy Wilson: The jouissance of philanthrocapitalism.
Ilan Kapoor: Billionaire Philanthropy. ‘Decaf Capitalism’.

Session 6: Audiences and Responses (Chair Cheryl Lousely)
Martin Scott: Putting celebrity advocacy in context: A study of audience responses
Tim Markham: Celebrity advocacy and public engagement: The divergent uses of celebrity for campaigners and audiences.
Spencer Henson & Johanna Lindstrom: The UK public’s perceptions about celebrity advocacy on international development, evidence from the UK Public Opinion Monitor.

Session 7: Changes in Development NGOs and Development Studies (Chair Uma Kothari)
Dan Brockington: The Production and Construction of Celeb Advocacy.
Andrew Darnton & Martin Kirk: Finding Frames. New ways to engage the UK public in global poverty.
Matt Baillie Smith: Public imaginaries of development and complex subjectivities: the challenge for development studies.

Discussants: Cheryl Lousley; Scott Prudham.